2017 New Orleans Conference Strand

Integrate Science Education for ALL

All students need to be engaged in and have access to exemplary science classes, out-of-school science activities, real-world work experiences, mentors, and other springboards to STEM careers. In order for the United States to remain a world leader and to advance our society, science educators need to empower students to create a future filled with scientific and technological advances. An urgency exists in the United States to develop a stronger workforce in the STEM fields. However, research has shown that only a small number of students are interested in pursuing degrees or qualifying for jobs in the STEM fields. It is clear that to benefit our economy and society, our priority should be on educating and encouraging more students from all races, genders, abilities, nationalities, and socioeconomic statuses to study science. This strand will explore ways for educators to use the newest standards and research to reach ALL students, including English language learners, special education students, gifted and talented students, and underrepresented minorities.

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