Books, Books, Books: Astronomy

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The following titles relate to the theme of this month’s issue: Astronomy

Book cover of Understanding ModelsUnderstanding Models in Earth and Space Science
Grades 5–9
NSTA Press
Whether your lessons concern molecules or Mars, Understanding Models in Earth and Space
Science offers practical guidance. It’s designed to help you understand the full range of models available to illustrate abstract concepts, demonstrate complex ideas, or teach about things students can’t see. The book provides an in-depth look at specific kinds of models—what they are, how they can be designed, the best ways to use them, and possible shortcomings.

Book cover of Dr. Art's Guide to ScienceDr. Art's Guide to Science: Connecting Atoms, Galaxies, and Everything in Between
Grades 5–12
NSTA Recommends
If you’ve seen “Dr. Art’s Planet Earth Show”—or even if you haven’t—you’ll love the way he invites students to come along on adventures in science. Dr. Art’s Guide to Science uses simple but powerful explanations and graphics to explore such broad questions as what gave birth to the galaxies? What is energy? What caused the dinosaur extinctions? Bonus feature: A companion website provides related experiments, activities, and resources.

Book cover of Bad AstronomyBad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuse Revealed, From Astrology to the Moon Landing “Hoax”
NSTA Recommends
Separate science fact from science fiction with this entertaining guide to the universe of mistaken ideas your students may have about astronomy. Author Philip Plait—creator of—offers clear and often witty, explanations about everything from what really causes the seasons to why astrology and UFO lore are nonsense. Much of teaching science is the undoing of misinformation students have gathered over the years, and this book will help teachers do just that!

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