Books, Books, Books: Informal Science Education

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The following titles relate to the theme of this month's issue: Informal Science Education

Exemplary Science Book CoverExemplary Science in Informal Education Settings: Standards-Based Success Stories
NSTA Press
Grades K–College
This essay collection—the fifth volume in the Exemplary Science Monograph Series—describes 17 real-world examples of how science education reform has taken hold in museums, science centers, zoos, and aquariums as well as on television, radio, and the internet.

Science Book CoverScience Beyond the Classroom
NSTA Press
Grades K–8
Taking science education beyond the classroom provides learning opportunities and experiences for students that just aren’t available within school walls, and Science Beyond the Classroom has a wealth of ideas on how to do it successfully. These carefully selected articles from the NSTA journals Science Scope and Science and Children were gathered into a compendium because of the value of informal science education in providing access to those experiences and in tapping into student interests.

Building Partnerships Book CoverBuilding Successful Partnerships: Community Connections for Science Education
NSTA Press
Grades K–8
Resources are all around us—not only in traditional science classrooms and laboratories, but also in gardens, nature centers, parks, youth programs, museums, and on television and radio. This book offers advice on how to select community resource partners, set joint learning goals, improve pre- and post-field trip activities, instruct students in field trip safety and etiquette, and much more. This book was developed by the National Science Teachers Association and the National Park Foundation.

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