NSTA Journal Articles on Limited Classroom Resources

Putting Public Television to Work for You

November 2005

Public television programs such as ZOOM, A Science Odyssey, and NOVA can be a great way to enhance the curriculum. Suggestions for using these programs in the classroom and accessing supplemental materials, teacher's guides, and websites are provided.

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Ever Fly a Tetrahedron?

March 2004

This kite-building and flying activity incorporates both math and science using inexpensive, readily-available materials. Students construct a simple tetrahedron kite, then design an experiment to test how changing one variable in the kite's design affects its performance. Assessment and safety notes are included.

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Waves on the Fly

January 2006

Try a 50-minute inquiry-based physics lesson that requires only small metal cans, string, and the inquiring minds of middle schoolers.

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