News Stories on Ocean Science

Fossil Fuels Said to Damage Ocean Life (ABC News)

Scientists warn that corals and other marine creatures are being threatened by chemical changes in the ocean caused by the carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.

Statistical Analysis Bolsters Theory Linking Warmer Oceans to Stronger Hurricanes (Scientific American)

Although skeptics have called other factors into account, a new analysis shows that an increase in sea surface temperatures is the only explanation for why hurricanes have become stronger and occur more frequently.

Tsunami Network on Lookout for Giant Waves (ABC News)

Scientists expand a tsunami network system to both coasts of the United States in an effort to avoid having a natural disaster similar to the one in 2004 on the Indonesian coast.

Satellite Captures Creation of New Continental Crust (Scientific American)

Satellite imagery enables scientists to get an unprecedented view at the formation of a new ocean basin.

Oceans Contain More Microorganisms (CBS News)

Scientists report the world's oceans contain more types of microorganisms than thought.