NSTA Journal Articles on Ocean Science

Adapting to the Deep Sea

July 2006

A fun activity with bioluminescence.

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Underwater Web Work

May 2004

This collection of websites is appropriate for middle level classrooms will enhance a study of oceanography.

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We Are the Pirates of the Caribbean!

October 2001

Eighth-grade students dive into a unit that makes them aware of ecological problems in their area. Following a unit in oceanography, students research topics such as coral reef damage and greenhouse gases, create an ecosystem mural, and present their research findings. Assessment is based on the content knowledge students demonstrate in their presentations.

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Shark Detectives

November 2005

This student-directed activity involves research, deductive reasoning, and students’ own curiosity to solve a mystery involving whale sharks. As they solve the case, students learn about the whale shark’s place in the food chain, the cyclic effect of El Niño on ocean water temperatures, and the hypothetical effect El Niño has on this food chain. Other areas that are addressed include world geography and upwelling.

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