Science and Children Articles on Ocean Science

What Causes Tides?

July 2006

Tides exhibit predictable cycles on daily, monthly, and yearly scales. The magnitude of the tides is dependent on the position of the Earth and Moon in relation to the Sun, but it is also influenced by other factors. This article provides a brief introduction to what causes tides.

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New Species Found!

May 2003

At the end of their oceanography unit, fourth-grade students are challenged to create an imaginary creature that is well adapted to live in an ocean environment. They present their new species at a "marine biology convention" and demonstrate their understanding of the particular habitat (for example, tide pool, deep trench, or sandy beach) by describing the speciesí ability to adapt to the conditions of the environment.

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Diving Into a Schoolwide Science Theme

September 2000

Working on the theme "Dive Into Oceans" set the stage for synergetic learning across grade levels and subject areas. Kindergarten through sixth-grade students expand their scientific knowledge when faculty throughout the school make innovative curriculum ties among science, geography, art, and music.

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