NSTA Press and NSTA Recommends High School Books on Ocean Science

Project Earth Science: Physical Oceanography

Grades 5–12

Immerse your students in Earth’s most abundant resource—water. Embark on a voyage of discovery as you steer your students through activities designed to teach them about currents, waves, and tides. From an understanding of the properties that make water unique, your students will get a global view of the marine environment, including the impact of human activities on the oceans.

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Guide to the Oceans

Grades 9–College

The book is richly illustrated with maps, satellite photos, and color photographs. The introductory chapter describes the geology of the ocean basins, plate tectonics, erosion and deposition, sea level change, tides, currents, climate, and the air-ocean interface. The unique chemical and physical properties of water are presented next, and this sets the stage for a survey of the myriad life forms that inhabit the reefs, open ocean, and continental shelves. The chapter on ocean life focuses on processes and systems in the oceans, including food webs, energy transfer, vertical distribution of organisms, predator-prey relationships, and types of movement of various phyla. Other chapters review ocean resources, their uses, and economic significance, ocean exploration, maritime law, and a unique section on ocean leisure and recreation. The text concludes with an atlas of each ocean and major sea. A phylum-by-phylum description of plants and animals is included in an encyclopedia of marine life at the end of the book.

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