NSTA Journal Articles on Writing

Jumping to the Right Conclusions, Inferences, and Predictions

October 2005

Writing meaningful conclusions, drawing accurate inferences, and making relevant predictions are essential skills that many adolescents lack. The differences among conclusions, inferences, and predictions, although subtle, must be recognized to accurately analyze and interpret lab data.

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Map Your Way to the Grand Canyon

October 2005

For many years, I have been using writing as a means of assessing what and how well kids have learned. My students do not write reports; rather, my students write science fiction, complete scenarios, or even write letters home as if they were real explorers.

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Capitalizing on Student Travel in Earth-Science Classrooms

January 2006

"When I taught middle school, students who took extended vacations during the school year provided a recurring challenge for me. I had trouble coming up with meaningful lessons and activities that would engage these students during their time away from the classroom."