News Stories on Health, Nutrition, and the Human Body

Give Kids Dairy Three Times a Day, Experts Advise (HealthDay News/

This article provides ideas on how concept mapping can be adapted to reach early childhood learners when organizing their thoughts in a concrete or graphic/visual format, while connecting concepts and linking prior knowledge to new knowledge.

Taking Steps to Save our Kids (Indianapolis Star)

After years of relying on public service announcements and occasional video images, city and state governments develop programs to promote healthy living for children.

Low-Fat Diet May Not Reduce Cancer and Heart Risks (

Three new studies suggest a low-fat diet does not reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease, but experts are unconvinced by the research.

Grape Compound Prolongs Life, Fish Study Concludes (Scientific American)

An organic compound found in grapes, berries, and some nuts can extend the lifespan of fish.

Smelling Good May Mean It’s Good for You (ABC News)

The odors from foods—ranging from garlic and onions to ginger and strawberries—may be nutritional signals that the human nose has learned to recognize.