Science and Children Articles on Health, Nutrition, and the Human Body

Thought for Food

January 1999

First- through sixth-grade students study science while learning about healthy eating. A unit on nutrition must tread a fine line, emphasizing healthy weight and healthy eating patterns without overemphasizing thinness or a calorie-restricted diet. This exploration of nutrition needed to go beyond the basics of the food pyramid.

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Inspired by Real Science

February 2003

A long-term collaboration between a teacher and a biomedical researcher taught third- through fifth-grade students at a science focus school valuable lessons on the value of research. Students created models and presentations on the digestive system, investigated biomedical research, and explored the scientistís life. The article addresses ways to interest girls in scientific careers.

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Never Too Young for a Concept Map

September 2005

This article provides ideas on how concept mapping can be adapted to reach early childhood learners when organizing their thoughts in a concrete or graphic/visual format, while connecting concepts and linking prior knowledge to new knowledge. (Editor's Note: The Map to Nutrition is located halfway through the article.)

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