Elementary NSTA Press and NSTA Recommends Books on Health, Nutrition, and the Human Body

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Investigating Science: Taking Care of Me

Grades K4

Taking Care of Me is an excellent resource for the study of the human body. Children compare their handprints and footprints to those of adults to chart growth. Nutrition activities include building a food pyramid and classifying nutritious foods. The exercise section contains songs to get students moving to the beat. Dental health, fire safety, and general tips are also included.
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Healthy Foods From Healthy Soils: A Hands-On Resource for Educators

Grades K4

Fundamental to good health is good nutrition. Healthy Foods From Healthy Soils is a treasure chest of information and activities to help teachers grades K-6 teach nutrition in their classrooms. It includes hands-on activities for multiple intelligences.

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Nutrition, EXXON Poster

Grades 512

Colorful and whimsical, this poster is ideal for helping students in grades 5-12 learn about nutrition. This highly visual, attractively illustrated, and truly informative poster was produced with funding from the Exxon Education Fund to elaborate on the National Science Education Standards that specifically deal with energy. The poster includes several activities appropriate to the energy concept being explored.

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