News Stories on Careers in Science

Where Are the Future Scientists? (Christian Science Monitor)

A decline in the number of students pursuing science careers leaves executives at several sci-tech companies scrambling to find their future top thinkers.

Business Groups Unite to Command More Attention for Math, Science (Detroit News)

A coalition of businesses hopes to push the nation into improving its math and science education.

Summer Camp Creates Inventors (The Times-Picayune)

A summer camp held nationwide enables 40,000 students to become inventors.

Girls Learn About Career Options (Des Moines Register)

Eight girls explore career options in science, technology, engineering, and math as part of a free outreach program.

Add Science, Business, Mathematics, and Stir (USA Today)

Experts predict the new Professional Science Master’s degree will become the 21st century’s fastest ticket to the major leagues in business and government.

Ex-CEO Eyes Stronger K–12 Education (Boston Globe)

A former Microsoft Corp. executive argues the most important way to maintain American scientific and technological prowess is to improve K–12 education.

Eight Receive President’s 2003 National Medal of Science (National Science Foundation)

Eight scientists and engineers received the nation’s highest honor for their distinguished careers and lifelong and individual achievements.