News Stories on Science Teaching Today

Direct Instruction: Is It the Most Effective Science Teaching Strategy? (NSTA Reports)

In a recent editorial in NSTA Reports, NSTA President Anne Tweed commented on a widely distributed study that concluded "students taught through direct instruction were more likely on average to become 'experts' in designing scientific experiments than those taught through discovery learning."

Click here for Tweed's thoughts about this study and its implications for science learning:

NCLB Could Alter Science Teaching (Education Week)

Observers suggest a 2007 requirement in the No Child Left Behind Act might force teachers to lessen their hands-on activities in science classes and resort to more of a direct instruction method.

The Art of Teaching Science (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Experts claim if Georgia wants to improve studentsí understanding of science, the state will need to change the way it teaches science.

Schools Struggle to Reduce High Teacher Turnover (Seattle Times)

Although all of the nationís urban public schools face the problem of teacher turnover, studies suggest that most new educators do not leave the profession because of the low pay.

Educators Want More Mr.ís in their Classrooms (St. Petersburg Times)

Fewer men are making a career of teaching, with reasons ranging from social stigma to economic reality.

Mentoring Teachers (Deseret News)

A school district retains mentors to help new teachers have a successful first year and remain in the classroom.,1249,595092712,00.html

Study Finds Teachers Are Losing Ground on Salary Front (Education Week)

A new report asserts that teachersí salaries have slipped over the past decade to well below those of comparable professionsóa trend that could complicate efforts to recruit and retain high-qualified educators for the nationís public schools.

For Elite U.S. Teachers, Cachet and More Cash (Washington Post)

The process of obtaining national certification is a grueling one. Educators note, however, that itís the single most powerful merit pay system in public education today.

Aggressive Parents a Growing Problem for Teachers (

Teachers nationwide report they are facing a growing number of assaults and threats from parents.