News Stories on Professional Development

Math, Science Teachers Assess New Technology (Boston Globe)

Educators from across the globe convene to learn the latest in math and science teaching and technology's influence on both subjects.

Teachers Go Back to Class for Training (The Arizona Republic)

A National Science Foundation grant enables several school districts and a university to provide teacher training on how to raise student interest and test scores in math and science.

Science Program Puts Teachers in the Field (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

A partnership program enables teachers to work in a lab with scientists and take back the latest technological information they learn to their students.

Science Teachers With an 'Iron' Will (San Francisco Chronicle)

Teachers compete against one another using a golf ball to create experiments educators everywhere can use to make science come alive in the classroom.

Science Teacher Digs for Lessons in a Mine (Baltimore Sun)

A Maryland science teacher is better equipped to teach her ninth-grade Earth science classes after spending the summer months exploring a mine.,0,4707273.story?coll=bal-education-top