NSTA Books on Professional Development

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Learning Science and the Science of Learning: Science Educators' Essay Collection

Grades K–12

Sure, you teach science. But do your students really learn it? Students of all ages will absorb more if you adapt the way you teach to the way they learn. That's the message of this thoughtful collection of 12 essays by noted science teachers.

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Science Teacher Retention: Mentoring and Renewal: Issues in Science Education Series

Grades K–12

It's a national crisis: Some 40 percent of all new science teachers leave the profession within five years. For concerned educators who'd like to reverse that disturbing trend, this collection of 17 essays is a must read. Both practical and inspiring, the essays analyze the underlying problems and explore a wealth of ideas and practices to help identify, address, and alleviate the frustration and isolation felt by too many teachers.

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Professional Development Leadership & the Diverse Learner: Issues in Science Education Series

Grades K–12

Make science teaching better for every student. Help learners from different backgrounds—and with different learning styles—by developing new skills, resources, and knowledge. This book discusses the ways in which professional development can help you handle equity and diversity issues in the classroom.


Professional Development: Planning and Design: Issues in Science Education Series

Grades K–12

There’s got to be more to professional development than in-service workshops. This thoughtful book paves the way to change. It shows the circumstances under which professional development has the most impact on student learning, reviews programs that work, and offers practical ideas about how professional development can sustain science education reform.