Middle Level

Science Scope

The Science and Art of Proportionality

January 2004

These activities ask students to compare the proportions of their own bodies with each other and with historical models, specifically with Polycleitus’ (fifth century B.C.) statue of Doryphorus. The activities, which combine art, science, and math, reinforce the concepts of scale, ratio, proportions, and anatomical function.

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Anatomy by Logic

September 2001

Most state and national standards include some mention of anatomy at the middle school level. That usually means students begin to study the human body in seventh grade. Read how students learn about the human body by applying logic.

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Skeletons in Your Classroom

October 2001

This hands-on, create-a-skeleton activity will reinforce skeletal and muscular system knowledge and foster creativity. Students work in cooperative groups to construct life-size skeleton models, write individual lab reports, and give group presentations. A comprehensive assessment rubric helps students organize their projects.

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