High School

The Science Teacher

An Interview with Food Technologist Kristen Girard

April 2003

This month's featured career in science is food technician. This interview with Kristen Girard will introduce students to careers in the exciting field of food technology.

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Nutritional Chemistry

April 2004

With the convenience of fast-food restaurants on almost every corner, many young people are consuming these foods too often. Are young people as concerned about this problem as the media appear to be? Yes, young people are concerned, and the students at our school decided to do something about it

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Supermarket Proteases

October 2003

Supermarket and drug store materials such as pineapple, meat tenderizer, and contact lens cleaner may be used to demonstrate enzymatic activity. These products contain protease enzymes that catalyze the breakdown of proteins into smaller fragments. Students use a spectrophotometer to measure the release of pigments from flavored gelatin when hydrolyzed by proteases. Procedures are also included for measuring the activity of proteases at different pH levels.

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