NSTA Science Store Books on Our Evolving Earth

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Dig In! Hands-On Soil Investigations

NSTA Press

Grades K–4

Using these 12 activities and two original stories as guides, kids will soon be up to their elbows in the study of soil formation, habitats and land use, animals that depend on soil, plants that grow in soil, soil science, and soil conservation.

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Worms, Shadows, and Whirlpools

Grades K–4

No need to wait till high school—or even first grade—to engage students in science when you have this book that shows what good science teaching and learning should be for children as young as three.

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Hands-On Earth Science Activities

Grades K–8

More than 160 inquiry activities covering air, water, Earth, ecology, meteorology, and astronomy. Each activity encourages students to analyze, synthesize, and infer based on their own hands-on experiences. Includes integration possibilities for other disciplines, step-by-step procedures, and teacher information.

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