Wow! It is so exciting that you would be able to perform a lot of "scientific investigations and experiments", at our Art Freiler Elementary School, but it can be dangerous if the proper precautions aren't followed. If a student chooses not to follow the rules below, you will not be allowed to participate in lab activities. You will do an alternative assignment, assigned by the teacher. To make sure that your laboratory experience is both exciting and safe, follow the general guidelines listed below:

1. Be respectful, follow your teacher's instructions, and don't take shortcuts.
2. Always get your teacher's permission before attempting any laboratory investigation.
3. Read the procedures carefully, paying attention to safety information and cautionary statements.
4. As a responsible citizen, be aware of the location of and the procedure for using the nearest fire alarms, fire-evacuation routes and any other safety equipment, such as fire blankets and eyewash fountains.
5. Never work alone in the laboratory.
6. Walk with care and keep your work area free from all unnecessary clutter. Keep backpacks and other belongings at a certain place designated by your teacher.
7. Dress appropriately on lab day, tie back long hair, remove dangling jewelry and wear closed-toed shoes or sandals in the laboratory. Wear an apron to protect your clothing from staining, burning, or corrosion if instructed by your teacher.
8. Certain products, like hair spray, are flammable and should not be worn while working near an open flame.
9. Wear approved safety goggles when working with or around chemicals, any mechanical device, or any type of flame or heating device. If any substance gets in your eyes or spills or your skin or clothes, rinse it immediately with water and have someone notify your teacher.
10. Wear protective gloves or oven mitts to avoid burns.
11. Be trustworthy and never touch, taste, smell or mix any chemicals unless your teacher instructs you do so.
12. Use knives and other sharp instruments with extreme care. Always cut an object after placing it on a suitable surface for cutting.
13. Handle plants and animals carefully and wash your hands afterwards. Always treat animals with care and respect.
14. While using electrical equipment, be careful about the wiring, hanging and damaged cords. Be sure your hands are dry and the electrical equipment is turned off before plugging it into the outlet. Turn off all equipment when you are finished using it.
15. Be a responsible and careful scientist by examining glassware to make sure that it is clean and is free of chips and cracks. Report damaged glassware to your teacher.
16. CLEANUP: Clean your work area before leaving! Follow your teacher's directions for washing, unplugging and putting away the equipment. Wash hands with soap and water after working in the laboratory.
17. Stay, work and talk to your own group. Don't leave your group and work area unless instructed by the teacher. Do not sit on counters or tables.

Student: I have read the science safety rules and agree to follow them.

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Parent: I have read and discussed the science safety rules with my child and agree to reinforce them.

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