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NASA Explorer Schools Program—Continued

NASA Explorer School educator and administrator teams, working with NASA personnel and other educational partners, will develop and implement team action plans for staff and students. The action plans will promote and support the use of NASA content and programs that address the teams' local needs in mathematics, science, and technology through authentic experiences. 

NASA Explorer Schools Program Objectives—

  • Increase student ability to apply science, mathematics, technology concepts
  • Increase student knowledge about careers in science, mathematics, technology
  • Increase student interest in and participation in science, mathematics, technology
  • Increase the active participation and professional growth of educators in science, mathematics, technology
  • Increase family involvement in student learning
  • Increase the academic assistance for and technology use by educators in schools with high populations of underserved students.

NASA Explorer School educator/administrator teams will kick off the program by attending a one–week, all–expenses–paid, professional development residence program at one of the ten NASA Field Centers during Summer 2004. Throughout the three–year commitment, teams will refine their action plans, continue their professional development, and involve students and families in the program.

Team members receive a $500 stipend for full participation in the Summer 2004 workshop and an additional $500 stipend for implementing the team's action plan during the 2004–05 school year.

Benefits for participating schools and school districts include

  • Sustained professional development
  • Exciting student learning opportunities
  • Integration of technology
  • Involvement of parents

For additional information about the program and the application process, visit http://explorerschools.nasa.gov, or call 703-312-9391. 

Deadline for applications is January 30, 2004.