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A Framework for K–12 Science Education offers a new vision for K–12 education in science and engineering and represents a significant shift in how these subjects are viewed and taught. According to the report, “K–12 science and engineering education should focus on a limited number of disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts, be designed so that students continually build on and revise their knowledge and abilities over multiple years, and support the integration of such knowledge and abilities with the practices needed to engage in scientific inquiry and engineering design.”

The framework will serve as the basis for the Next Generation Science Standards, a state-led effort managed by Achieve, Inc. The framework will also inform the work of curriculum and assessment developers, researchers, teacher educators, and others.

NSTA and the National Research Council presented a web seminar on this topic, which was hosted by Dr. Francis Eberle from NSTA and Dr. Helen Quinn, chair of the committee. Eight hundred and twenty-six participants were present at the live web seminar in addition to the presenter and NSTA staff. You can also see the actual presentation from the webinar. For updates, resources, and insights on the conceptual framework, as well as the work surrounding new science standards, visit the dedicated NSTA web page—Next Generation Science Standards.