From the TST Archives: Science For All

Enabling All Students to Learn Science
February 2006
Communicating with students in today's high school science classroom is challenging for educators because the majority of teachers speak only English. Many of their students, however, do not speak English as their primary language. One way to bridge the gap in secondary science and to teach English as a second language is through the use of portfolios. Using portfolios for instruction helps students learn to use writing to apply inquiry skills and communicate their findings to others.

Teaching Science to the Visually Impaired
Summer 2004
Science educators must address the needs of visually impaired students by making the appropriate accommodations in the laboratory and science classroom. This article provides practical strategies for engaging visually impaired students in science-related activities. Many of the instructional strategies discussed are applicable to all students, regardless of visual ability, in the promotion of active engagement in the learning process and safe laboratory practices.