Books, Books, Books: Science For All

The following titles relate to the theme of this month's issue: Science For All

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Cover of Celebrating Cultural DiversityCelebrating Cultural Diversity: Science Learning for All
NSTA Press
Grades 9–12
Science Learning for All covers three "must-know" areas of multicultural science education: inclusive curriculum design, multicultural teaching strategies, and language diversity in science teaching and learning. With the help of this best-of collection from The Science Teacher, you will find fresh ideas on how to meet the science learning needs of all students, with explicit connections to the National Science Education Standards. You will also discover focused teaching techniques, tips on handling language diversity, practical insights on giving students an appreciation of the contributions that all cultures make to our scientific heritage, and more.

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Book cover of Essential ElementsEssential Elements of Effective Science Instruction for English Learners, 2nd Edition
NSTA Recommends
Grades K–12
This well-written summary is unique in its focus on the skills required of teachers who develop science lessons for (English-learning) EL students. The "Essential Elements" (important to any student but crucial to EL students) includes expressing scientific learning in English, connecting personally with EL students, helping EL students shift from oral to written English expression, and developing vocabulary and reading skills. For teachers, the book also emphasizes sheltered instruction, specially designed academic instruction, lesson study techniques, and assessments. Because almost every school faces the challenge of integrating English instruction with science curricula, a copy of this valuable handbook would be appropriate in every professional library.

Science for All American coverScience for All Americans
NSTA Recommends
Grades 1–12
This ambitious summary of learning goals will stimulate you to find out what students already think about major topics and to change incorrect ideas; to make sure females, minorities, and the disabled are fully engaged in class; and to understand the habits of mind so essential to science literacy. This book is one of four from the American Association for the Advancement of Science series. The other texts in this series include: Atlas of Science Literacy, Benchmarks for Science Literacy, and Designs for Science Literacy.