News Stories on Technological Design

Students Recognized for Envisioning Futuristic Technologies (NSTA Reports)

The eight winning teams in the 2006 ExploraVision program develop futuristic technologies to improve the quality of life for the next generation.

‘Fab Labs’ Deliver High-Tech Tools (Christian Science Monitor)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s fabrication laboratories aim to help developing communities find innovative solutions to local needs.

Examples of technologies designed by scientists:

‘DNA’ Computer is Unbeatable at Tic-Tac-Toe (

A computer that uses strands of DNA to perform calculations has mastered the game tic-tac-toe.

Scientists Go Right to the Core of Things (Science Daily)

A new high-tech tool called the X-ray Fluorescence Core Scanner enables scientists to study historic climate changes.

Scientists Create World’s Smallest Brush (CBS News)

University of Hawaii nanotechnology experts invent the world’s smallest hairbrush.