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Job seekers can search a database of jobs in complete confidentiality at no charge, receive career-planning advice, and read success stories. Visit for complete details.

The Early Years

Science and Children and NSTA have established an online blog devoted to early childhood science (see Here you’ll find teaching advice, management tips, favorite resources, and activity ideas specifically for teachers grades preK–2. The blog accompanies Science and Children’s column The Early Years, which will debut in the magazine in September 2005. Highlights from the online conversations will appear in the print column. Teachers who post a comment that gets chosen for publication in S&C will receive one free book from a select group of NSTA Press publications.

NSTA Press Books

Did you know that you can access a chapter of many new NSTA Press books online for free? Visit, and click on the book of your choice. Scroll down to the NSTA Press logo, and click on the "Read a sample in PDF format" link.

NSTA Recommends

Read reviews of the latest science-teaching materials, and take the guesswork out of purchasing. NSTA's online review service, NSTA Recommends, helps you find the best supplemental books, videos, DVDs, and computer software on the market. Our reviewers evaluate each product on the basis of classroom applicability, standards connections, and overall value. Search more than 2,000 reviews by grade level, subject, or keywords at

NSTA Reports' Teachers' Grab Bag

Well, you've just hit the jackpot. NSTA Reports' ever-popular column—Teachers' Grab Bag—is on the web. NSTA Reports is NSTA's source of news and information for and about science education, published nine times a year for NSTA members only. Check out, where you can find hundreds of free and almost free items such as videos, publications, CD-ROMs, lab kits, and more.

NSTA Web Seminars

These 90-minute, live professional development experiences allow distant participants to interact with recognized experts including NSTA Press authors, and scientists, engineers, and education specialists from NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and our newest partner, the National Science Digital Library (NSDL). Seminars are from 6:30-8 p.m., EST. These online events are grant-funded, so they are offered at no cost; however, the number of participants is limited; it's first come, first served on the day of the program. Register early to receive a username. Password and other program information will follow via e-mail. For a full schedule of June seminar topics, dates, and times, and to register, visit


NSTA's online resource, SciGuides, will transform the way you use the internet to plan and provide science instruction to your K–12 students. SciGuides will enable you to quickly and easily locate targeted science content information and teaching resources from NSTA-approved websites and will provide instructional tools and strategies to put them into practice. For more information and a sample SciGuide, visit


SciLinks® is an exciting partnership between progressive U.S. textbook publishers and NSTA. If your textbook has SciLinks, you and your students will have the best internet science sources at your fingertips:

SciLinks is a free service to those with SciLinks-enabled textbooks and to NSTA members. And SciLinks is easy to use—just log on to the SciLinks site and enter a SciLinks number from the margin of your textbook. You will be offered a smorgasbord of teacher-approved internet resources tied to that specific point in your book. To learn more about SciLinks, take the tour at

NSTA's E-Newsletters: Science Class and NSTA Express

Science Class is e-mailed the first Wednesday of the month; each grade-specificic issue features a theme that corresponds to the themes of NSTA's peer-reviewed journals. NSTA Express is sent every Monday; each issue keeps you up to date on the latest legislative, science education, and NSTA news. You already know that these e-newsletters are free, but your colleagues may not. Feel free to forward this issue to them or to send them the link to sign-up for their own copy. Visit