NSTA Journal Articles on Art and Science Integration

Drawing on Student Understanding

Science and Children (January 2001)

Students spent a significant amount of time learning about insects, using art and drawing as tools to deepen their understanding. Using artistic expression enhances students' abilities to communicate science explanations, to engage in science as a means for explanation, and to communicate their ideas to the public.

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The Art of Reviewing Science Journals

Science and Children (November 2004)

Science journals are wonderful tools. They offer a glimpse into children’s science understandings, and they are both diagnostic and pedagogically informative to teachers. Examining and reflecting on children’s journal work lets teachers embed assessment in curriculum and instruction; effectively analyzing children’s journal writing and drawing, however, takes practice. In this article, the authors describe ways to look at children’s journal work as intellectual and reflective practice and list questions to keep in mind when planning and assessing students’ journal entries.

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The Force of Multimedia Slide Shows

Science and Children (March 2004)

In this project, fourth-grade students researched physical science concepts and then shared their knowledge with multimedia presentations. Students used the internet, digital cameras, and HyperStudio software to create presentations on the meanings of various physical science concepts and their applications in daily life.

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